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About us

Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea (FPAC) was founded in Palermo in 2003 with the goals of bringing to light upcoming Sicilian artists and providing a platform in Palermo for already-establish internationally-renowned artists. For over a decade, the gallery was situated in the Vucciria, a historic market. Now located at the Quattro Canti in the historic center of Palermo, FPAC holds true to its original mission, with a program that features a wide range of artists. In 2017, the gallery opened its second location in Milan, hoping to expand its endeavors and its audience. The art world is ever-changing and with an open perspective and a love for art, FPAC continues to seek out artists who can expand the borders, changing the concepts of art and the experience of the viewer. All the while, FPAC maintains its passion and respect for artistic tradition and for those who pursue art not only as a career but as a way of life.
Who are we? We will be continuing to wonder that for a long time, but we for sure know that Art is the best choice possible, the path to find ourselves, to find the others. For us the contemporary is unpredictable, fast, it takes you by surprise. Art is the truest expression of all this, it is pure energy. The same energy from where our projects come from, that feeds our curiosity, our challenges, the accuracy we put into our work.



Via San Rocco, 11, 20135, Milano
T: +39.02.87214884
Tue/Sat: 3.00/07.00 pm

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Via Vittorio Emanuele 303, 90133, Palermo
T: +39.091.332482
Tue/Sat: 10.00 – 01.00 pm/3.00-7.00 pm

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