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Genuardi/Ruta Wormhole

curated by Samuel Gross

Antonella Genuardi (1986) and Leonardo Ruta (1990) have been working as a single entity since their very beginnings. Their project is focused on space. Every time, they set up a precise abstract system in the locations hosting their events. Through a deep understanding of architecture and of its function, they let materials blow up on a colored beam. For their first personal exhibition in Milan, they took possession of Francesco Pantaleone’s art gallery. On the walls, shapes have been cut out, colors are bursting and materials get mixed up. One structure is clearly readable. But this illusory order originates a joyful chaos. Abstract rules become potential nuances. As if their artworks were the reverse side of the walls where they are mounted. As if this color, this playful diversity of materials were actually defining the spaces. Nothing is fake, even if everything, absolutely everything is artificial. But this moment of suspension is reversible and fragile. Luckily, this is not about filling up the world, but it’s rather about being proud of taking over its flaws. This is what can be drawn from the exhibition’s title Wormhole.

In another sense, however, the distribution of colors and shapes does not seem to have limits. Artists bring along all their sense of humor, all their desire, all their ability to consider changing the world in a sincere way. Every time, the visitor is their host and is welcome with open arms. Genuardi and Ruta are convinced that art is a real space, a place that can be physically lived in, enabling people to perceive the structures that are more familiar to us for what they express — which can also be amazement.

We hope — together with them — that looking carefully at the architecture will help us gain the freedom to loosen our ties.

Samuel Gross